TechGirls Challenge 2018

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TechGirls Award Ceremony Programme 2018.pdf

The Challenge for the TechGirls Challenge 2018 was to design an app to create awareness of ocean pollution or an app to prevent ocean pollution. The challenge task consisted of:

  • Designing the app
  • Planning the navigation
  • Presenting the functionality of the app to an audience

TechGirls Award for Innovation: "Marine SOS" Billericay School TechGirls Best Presentation Award:"Terry The Turtle" Boswells School
TechGirls Design Award:"Sea the Litter" Fitzwimarc School
TechGirls Award for Creativity: "Ocean Savers" Leytonstone School
TechGirls Technical Skills Award:"The Plastic People" Gilberd School
TechGirls Inclusive Tech Award:"Sea girls" The Thomas Lord Audley School
TechGirls Research and Content Award:"Clash TK" Woodlands School
TechGirls School Winners Award:Sweyne School

Congratulations to all the winners!

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