Our interactive workshops are designed to map against the Gatsby benchmark

Secondary School Workshops

TechGirls Challenge 2020

Girls only. September-April (Year 9)

The TechGirls Challenge promotes creativity and innovation. Students are required to work in groups in order to design a solution to a real-life problem. The finalists are invited to celebrate at the Annual Award Ceremony.

Careers Event

Year 8-10

Information is shared with regards to career pathways, guest speakers are invited to share their experiences to raise aspirations and provide an insight into the opportunities of working in STEM

How to stay safe online

Year 8-10

What happens to posts on Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp? How can students keep themselves safe whilst still enjoying the benefits of social media and the internet?

Artificial Intelligence

Year 8-10

Use logic to solve problems. The students will understand the use of algorithms in relation to Artificial intelligence.

The Escape Room

Year 8-10

Students work in teams to use encryption and decryption methods to be released from your classroom!

To guarantee a booking for your school reserve a place now for workshops to be delivered from September 2019.