Empowering the Next Tech Leaders

TechGirls envisions a world where girls are equipped with the skills, confidence and opportunities to shape their careers in the dynamic field of technology.  TechGirls work with schools and Industry partners in collaboration to develop the talent pipeline aimed at bridging the gendergap and to build an inclusive tech industry.

Our community

This year we're delighted to announce that TechGirls has worked with over 1000 girls, with a mission of creating awareness of Tech careers and bridging the gender gap. Our goal is to reach 10,000 students in the next 3 years!

If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities with TechGirls please contact info@wearetechgirls.com

Program Highlights

Our innovative workshops are designed to give girls a headstart in tech.  Through our dedicated outreach programs, impactful workshops and transformational initiatives, we strive to inspire individuals who are fearless in breaking barriers and contribute to innovation


Look beyond conventional boundaries


Shaping careers choices


Explore career opportunities in tech

Our mission

Just 17% of people who work in the Tech sector are female. Our mission is simple - to help bridge the digital skills gap and diversify the industry.

Through encouraging and supporting girls studying STEM subjects , we hope to build a pipeline of young talented women to be the future leaders of the tech industry.

Work with us to make a difference.....

........Because Girls do IT better!